Proven Application

ASG filtration media is able to eliminate many forms of water contamination without creating harmful waste streams typical of reverse osmosis systems and other methods that require backwashing. It has been successfully applied in over 1,800 systems here in the United States and overseas.

Industrial Use

ASG technology can be integrated with existing industrial water treatment methods to enable waste stream discharges to meet current regulations, without creating hazardous waste in the process.

What is the Value of this Technology to the World?

ASG has been independently tested in more than 1,800 water treatment installations including a study on water contamination and pollution in Nepal, Bangladesh and India conducted by university groups from Harvard Health and MIT.

Because ASG technology doesn’t require electricity, it can remove contaminants and bio-organisms from water in the most rural and isolated communities. It doesn’t require a centralized water system or a professional supervision team. Even a gravity-feed system which channels water into a container filled with ASG media will do the trick. That makes ASG media well suited for areas of the world where electricity is not available.

What is the Potential of this Technology for the World?

The world’s demand for water isn’t ever going away. Finding an adequate supply is a challenge in many areas, from the American southwest to India and Bangladesh. Competition for clean water between agricultural, industrial and residential users has created serious political and economic conflicts even in the US. It is also important to maintain sufficient water in our aquafers to prevent sink holes and support the ecosystem.

Contamination only makes worldwide water supply problems worse. Communities all over the world are looking for ways to increase the supply of drinkable water and improve its quality. Water utilities are employing a variety of methods, such as desalination of ocean water and recycling waste-water, to improve water supplies. By making it easier to purify water and eliminate dangerous contaminants, ASG offers a way to increase the supply of usable, drinkable water.