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Aqueous Solutions Global (ASG) is an internationally recognized water filtration company built on a new technology that removes dissolved metals like Arsenic and Lead from many fluid streams but also removes organic matter from water.  The ability of ASG media to remove natural organic matter (NOM) is extremely important because NOM has an indirect effect on the drinking water treatment process and consequently the quality and safety of the produced water. The presence of NOM can include undesirable odor, color and taste in the drinking water.  ASG media removes these contaminants without adding any chemicals to the water.  A component of NOM is Total Organic Carbon (TOC), when Chlorine is added to water containing TOC, carcinogenic Disinfectant Byproducts (DBPs) are formed. Reduction of TOC from the water prior to chlorination reduces the amount of DBPs formed, allowing Municipalities to stay below the DBP Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL). The result is clean, safe, good tasting drinking water.

Innovative Techology

By creating an intermolecular attraction between the surface of the filter and contaminants, ASG technology removes contaminants from a water supply without affecting other characteristics of the water.

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Water Resources

Water is in short supply. Millions of people Lack access to a reliable source of pure, drinkable water. More then 2 billion people don’t have good sanitation. By 2050, the demand for water may grow by as much 55 percent. Finding ways to increase the supply is vital, particularly in poorer parts of the world where water-borne disease is common

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Proven Application

ASG filters eliminate many forms of water contamination without creating the harmful waste streams and byproducts that result from most chemical treatments for water. A municipal water utility can use Aqueous technology, but so can a village in the recesses of India or Surinam.

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