About Us


Aqueous Solutions Global LLC (ASG) was formed by Dr. Timothy J. Badger and Alden Bruce Badger. With more than six decades of business and technical experience, the ASG team is working to introduce energy independent, waste-free, water filtration to the world.

Our Story

Despite the potential of ASG technology for third world water applications, it was water problems within the United States that led Dr. Timothy J. Badger to start the development of the technology behind ASG filtration and oxidation media.

In the late 1990’s, Arsenic contamination became recognized as a health problem for people in many parts of the United States. The water they were drinking and cooking with had very high levels of inorganic Arsenic, and the methods for removing it weren’t good enough.

Reverse osmosis (RO) was the purification method of choice in most areas, but it didn’t remove trivalent Arsenic. Chlorine was added to the water to oxidize trivalent Arsenic into the larger pentavalent Arsenic form so that the Arsenic could be removed by the Reverse Osmosis membranes. However, even the most efficient RO systems reject gallons of water, in the process of removing contaminants. Wasted water from RO systems has become a serious problem in drought stricken areas. Furthermore, the contaminants the system removes from the fresh product water are simply returned to the environment in the reject and back wash streams.

As the public became more aware of the problem, Dr. Badger and his colleague Paul Smith, worked together to invent a better way to remove Arsenic.

The first product they developed was an adsorption media that used a resin base with chemicals grafted onto it. It worked well in many applications, but it was expensive, and didn’t work as well under high pressure or high water flows. It also left a slight after-taste in the water.

Children from a remote village of India give Dr.Timothy Badger a warm welcome, while he was working there.

Use foot pump get water from Well with out Electricity.

Dr. Badger developed a better filtration media using activated alumina as the base material, upon which a proprietary chemistry was grafted. The new filtration media removed contaminants without leaving an aftertaste, bonded more contaminants than the resin and withstood higher water pressures and flows. Furthermore, the new technology permanently removed the contamination from the environment because the contamination was bonded to the media.

Dr. Badger and his brother A. Bruce Badger founded Aqueous Solutions Global LLC (ASG). Dr. Badger founded the original R&D company and patented the technology that is now held by ASG. He is President and Chief Technical Officer of the Company. A. Bruce Badger, with over 30 years of business management and process engineering experience, developed the manufacturing process and is Chairman and CEO of the Company.

A New Manufacturing Facility

ASG has built a new manufacturing facility in Richmond, Virginia with the capacity to produce 200 cubic feet of water treatment media a day. The factory has enough space to produce 800 cubic feet a day.